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Online video: getting more bang for your buck

Online video: getting more bang for your buck

In previous articles, I think I have established how much I *love* a useful online tool, that makes my job (and my clients lives) easier.

As a marketer who has worked their entire career in client-side roles, primarily in small businesses, I’ve had to become adept at flexing my marketing pecs on a shoe-string budget.

So the second I get a sniff of a hot new tool on the block, tips or hacks to save time & money / increase productivity, I’m the first to sign up on the ‘free trial’ bandwagon. And if I like it, I am happy to subscribe and pay if it adds value to my business and my content output for clients.

When it comes to content creation, if you’re a tech-savvy marketer and have the time and resource to dedicate the effort required into researching, curating, creating and distributing your content, then you’ll love the following online video creator….But for business owners with no or limited marketing resource, you might consider working with an agency or freelance provider, to keep your content machine ticking and your leads-a-flowing, whilst you focus on your day job.

FLEEQ: what’s the fuss?

A ‘Fleeq’ is an online video. Fleeq is a user-friendly and intuitive customer-facing video and GIF creator. The application enables you to create, share, track, and localise videos and GIF images – so you can share your creations and make them viewable on all channels and platforms.

 Imagine if powerpoint and video had a baby, and then you could share that baby all over the web in any language you wanted to, that’s a Fleeq. ( Source)

Fleeq‘s model is a typical freemium SaaS model, where you can sign up for a free trial, realise how amazing it is, and then buy a subscription. It’s worth it.

If you’re in marketing, customer support, HR or product management, you can create high quality narrated videos in multiple languages – pretty great if you need to promote a product or service to a global audience, or want to provide customer support or training to non-English speakers. I particularly like the ‘Knowledge Base’ function – where you can create a series of ‘how to’ videos, hosted on your own sub-domain. Great for social media campaigns, customer support, webinars or training staff. [You can check out Fleeq’s own example Knowledge Base here]

The pros:

  • Easy to learn and use – create good quality videos in minutes
  • Packed with features at a reasonable price
  • Multi-lingual narrations and captions
  • AI voiceover narration

The cons:

  • As the narration is based on artificial intelligence (AI), it can, as expected, sound a teeny bit robotic at times. But I am willing to overlook that, as the overall quality and output is high. (Luckily, you can do your own voiceover too, instead of using Fleeq’s in-built AI engine)
  • Limits on the number of ‘Fleeqs’ (videos) you can create on the ‘Free’ plan (see plans here)
  • It’s fast and easy – if you prepare in advance. Create some initial imagery, and write your script first, so that when it comes to pulling it all together, you’ve got everything you need in one place.

PRO tip: When writing your script, write it like you’re talking to a colleague, and use punctuation; as this makes a huge difference in how the AI interprets the text and narrates it. For example, using commas, question marks and so forth, to emphasise points in a natural, spoken way.

Final thoughts

I know first-hand how expensive and time consuming it can be to create great video content that your customers will love. Especially as all the stats are telling us that ‘video is king’ and we must be doing it in our marketing otherwise we are generally failing at life!

Tools like Fleeq, in my opinion, are no relacement for high end video creation, if that’s what’s needed. A beautifully produced video, whether using real footage, motion graphics, or a mix of both, can really help to elevate a brand to new heights. And there’s some fantastic agencies and video production companies out there who specialise in doing just that. An integrated approach always works best. Perhaps have a play around with a tool like Fleeq, to boost your video content on your social channels, blog or FAQs section of your website?

Check out this video example of how to use Fleeq

If this has piqued your interest and you’re intrigued by Fleeq, you can sign up here.

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