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Upskilling your Sales & Marketing Team and Unlocking Their Potential: Training vs. Consultancy – which one do you need?

Your Sales and Marketing teams are pivotal to your business, and they overlap a lot. Whether you treat them as separate entities will depend on your internal structure. Regardless though, it’s essential that they compliment each other. Investing in training for these teams will show commitment to them

Online video: getting more bang for your buck

In previous articles, I think I have established how much I *love* a useful online tool, that makes my job (and my clients lives) easier. As a marketer who has worked their entire career in client-side roles, primarily in small businesses, I’ve had to become adept at flexing my marketing pecs on a shoe-string budget.…
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How can marketers benefit from ‘brand journalism’?

Originally written in 2015 & updated for 2018. As long as people have been communicating, we’ve used stories to relate to each other, make sense of things, and help us make decisions. In recent years, the rise of content marketing has enabled businesses to use the tools and techniques of journalism to tell their company stories, or…
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7 online tools for content marketing success

‘I love to spend hours manually creating content’ …said no marketer, ever!  You know what every marketer loves? A good online tool that saves you hours of time (and money). Inspired by a recent article by the Content Marketing Institute, ‘7 Powerful Tools to Automate Tedious Content Marketing Tasks‘, I wanted to use this opportunity…
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Content marketing metrics for measuring return on investment (ROI)

12 Content marketing metrics for measuring return on investment (ROI) So you’ve decided to invest in content marketing. Yayer! via GIPHY There’s a long journey ahead though – content marketing is a long-term investment of time, resource and energy – so you need to be ready to manage this investment, either with internal resources, a…
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