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3 Top Tips for International App Success

3 Top Tips for International App Success

With over twelve million app developers reported in 2016 and a prediction of fourteen million by 2020, app development is a growing and highly competitive market. Therefore, as a brand considering an app and looking to break into international markets, it’s vital to ensure your marketing strategy is fully researched, adhered to and thorough.

There are the obvious ways to advertise your app; for example in app stores, on relevant websites or by hiring a PR firm, but there are other ways to advertise your app. It’s essential to perfect your communication, understand each country, and harness the power of social media. Don’t be put off international marketing, just ensure you approach it in the right way for optimal benefits.

First things first

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Before you start to advertise your app internationally, you need to create a marketing strategy. This should identify who and where you are targeting. For example, be clear who your potential buyers are, and which countries are they located. There’s no point trying to advertise your app in a country that doesn’t have the appetite or customers to consume it. Conduct thorough market research and above all, be confident that you know your audience. Many companies have their international marketing strategy just right, and it’s useful to understand how the successful ones achieved it.

Here are our top tips for international app success:

1 – Nail your pitch

It’s vital that you create a very simple introduction to your app.

Ask yourself why people should buy your app and define succinctly how it solves a specific problem. Influencers, consumers, and advertisers will want to know quickly and simply what your app offers, and you might need to amend it for different countries. Research app review sites and size up and understand your competition because you need to be fully aware of what else is in your country specific market.

Once you have perfected your pitch, you can approach relevant country technology bloggers to feature your product. It’s also worth contacting writers in your niche because presumably, they will have an interest in your product if it fits their world. They could be huge supporters and advocates for your product if you build successful relationships.

2 – Be country specific

You need to understand your audience, and it’s important to network to find contacts in the countries where you want to advertise your app. Learn and understand the local culture and ensure you have a translator to work with you to roll out the app in countries with different languages. If the translations are incorrect, it could negatively affect your brand, sales and reputation.

Although resources such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store are perfect for allowing app entrepreneurs to access users across the world, language can be a huge barrier to success. 72% of potential users will not use English as their first language so you will need to focus on your target audience and consider translating into Dutch, Japanese, German and Mandarin Chinese amongst others. 

3 – Social Media

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Whether you embrace it or avoid it, social media is powerful in influencing the choices that people make. With a reported three billion users, it’s a formidable advertising tool that cannot be ignored when launching a new app.

Social media allows individuals to compare their choices to others, or check what others are doing before making choices. In terms of competition, influencer marketing has beaten paid search, email and affiliate marketing to become the fastest growing customer acquisition channel online.

If you choose to go down this route to advertise and promote your app, you need to identify who to collaborate with. If you partner with the right person, there’s huge potential to gain a large consumer base and give your brand the credibility it warrants. It’s a ‘word of mouth’ advertising approach where the influencer will be acting as the ‘face’ of your app. They will not only be able to highlight your product on their social media handles, but they can also share your URLs, feature you on their blog and perhaps give you the opportunity for a guest post. Ensure that they follow all advertising rules and procedures according to the ASA guidelines, or guidelines for the specific country.

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Social media is in no way one-dimensional. Engaging with an influencer is a savvy move to promote your product internationally, but you also need to be active on your own social media networks representing the brand. Your posts need to be engaging, informative and exciting. Find ways to make your product, and your brand, something that others will share and follow. In an increasingly popular market, so you have to stand out from the competition.

Again, consider each country and how it utilises social media platforms. For example, in China, the biggest social media networks include Renren, Sina’s and Tencent’s Weibo. In South Africa, Mxit is a huge social networking app.

Final Thoughts

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Advertising and growing your app in new international markets can be difficult and may take time. However, if you do it right, you can reap the rewards in terms of business growth, financial growth and potential growth. With Smartphone users and usage continuing to increase across the world, international exposure is a huge opportunity not to be missed. Just make sure you research, plan, take country specifics into account and don’t neglect social media.

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